SmartCover Aqua



SmartCOVER AQUA is a specific cementitious coating for use in damp areas. It is combined with polymers, fibers, aggregates, pigments and graphene additive to create innovative and sustainable surfaces to achieve the best technical properties in environments in contact with water.


Being specially prepared to withstand loads abundant chlorine and / or salt, it is suitable for use in swimming pools.


SmartCOVER AQUA guarantees long-term performance in pools, spas or water transition zones. It will not crack or fissure, besides having a extreme hardness and resistance, due largely to the graphene additive that it includes.


SmartCOVER AQUA avoids the problems of the wear of polyurethane and the damage of chemical substances such as chlorine or sodium. It also presents a greater resistance to impact and that once added to pool water, the micromortar keeps drying reaching higher quality thanks to our polyurethane Top Coat 2k ADB.


SmartCOVER AQUA is applied directly onto any surface such as tiles, waterproof cement, special industrial panels for swimming pools, plastic pool accessories, etc.


Cleaning is very simple and you can use any product without worrying that it can produce stains or discolorations.


The SmartCOVER AQUA system is especially used in swimming pools, but it can also be installed in showers, baths, hot tubs, locker room floors, etc. Its thickness may increase up to 4-5 mm.

Products used for its application:

  • Epoxy Resin
  • Fiberglass Mesh
  • Union Bridge AQUA
  • SmartCOVER Base AQUA with graphene
  • SmartCOVER Fine AQUA with graphene
  • Resin Mixture AQUA with graphene
  • Acrilat Sealer
  • Top coat ADB Component A + Component B AQUA+