Project with conductive graphene panels in housing in Dubai.

Specific project for the owner of Taiba Gold, Graphenano Smart Materials partner in Dubai.


Manufacturing thermal conductive and insulating panels that allow the operation of a system of irradiation heating and cooling for homes in these desert areas where thermal shock is very abrupt.


Project created with German engineering intended to replace the cardboard panels and plaster panels covering the microtubes by other material to increase its thermal conductivity.


The technological advance of this project has been to produce plates of 11 mm thick and dimensions of 2400 x 1200 mm, consistent mechanically and which have a high thermal transmittance. These two features are possible thanks to the successful integration of graphene in a carefully studied selection of materials that make up the final panel.


These panels also incorporate materials and change of phase technology, that is they accumulate heat or cold during different periods of the day to give it off as needed.