SmartCover Classic



SmartCOVER CLASSIC is a cementitious coating combined with polymers, fibers, aggregates, resins, pigments and graphene additives, ideal for innovative and sustainable surfaces with the best technical properties of the market.


SmartCOVER CLASSIC is based on the traditional micromortar but improving its features and formulation for maximum resistance without neglecting the design. The final result will not crack or fissure, besides having  extreme hardness and resistance.


SmartCOVER CLASSIC is applied directly to all types of surfaces (cement, plaster, marble, plasterboard, tiles, etc.) resulting in a coating of high functionality, aesthetically pleasing, free of pores, and without expansion joints allowing for great flexibility.


Cleaning is very simple and you can use any product without worrying that it can produce stains or discolourations.


The SmartCOVER CLASSIC system is used especially in soils, but is also suitable for walls (thickness increases up to 4-5 mm), showers, swimming pools, kitchen countertops, terraces, furniture, etc.

Products used for its application:

  • Epoxy Resin* (optional)
  • Fiberglass Mesh
  • Union Bridge
  • SmartCOVER Base
  • SmartCOVER Fine
  • Resin Mixture with graphene
  • Acrilat Sealer
  • Top coat Component A + Component B