Solid Hard

Smart Additives


Solid HARD is a range of additives designed with breakthrough graphene technology for concretes which are exposed to extreme agents. It is indicated for highly durable concretes with lowered permeability.

hard graphene durability

New generation hyperplasticiser additive designed with graphene technology for the production of highly durable and impermeable concretes, especially recommended for structures exposed to aggressive ambients and in projects in which concretes with a prolonged service life are needed.

hard graphene retraction

New generation additive designed with graphene technology that reduces shrinkage in the drying of concretes and mortars.

hard graphene inhibitor

New generation corrosion inhibitor additive designed with graphene technology for reinforced concrete that reduces the diffusion of chlorides and oxygen through the concrete, the compounds responsible for chloride corrosion, reducing the minimum coatings required.