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SmartCOVER is a new formulation that includes an improvement in the mechanical and environmental characteristics of conventional micromortar thanks to the incorporation of graphene additive in its composition.


It is an innovative micromortar, reinforced with graphene, which achieves the highest qualities of hardness in the face of sharp blows and intense foot traffic. Its resistance, elasticity and impermeability are incomparable to traditional cements and mortars.


SmartCOVER is a decorative coating suitable for all types of surfaces. Its application thickness is a thin layer of 2 to 3 mm, which gives it great adherence. The result is continuous surfaces, free of cracks and joints, with a marbled effect and with a wide variety of colors and finishes.


As it does not generate annoying “debris”, it can be applied directly on walls and floors, interiors and facades, swimming pools and showers, kitchen and bathroom countertops, etc.; and it can be applied on any type of material, such as cement, plaster, plasterboard, tiles, marble, porcelain tiles, wood, etc.


The R & D + Innovation of Graphenano Smart Materials is at the forefront in all manufacturing processes to manufacture micromortars, cooperating with the largest chemical firms and maintaining a high level of demand for its raw materials.


SmartCOVER is perfect for creating clean and pleasant aesthetic environments. It is highly hygienic and highly recommended for places that require maximum hygiene such as hospitals and clinics, schools and day care centers, geriatric bathrooms, restaurants and areas with perishable food, changing room showers, etc.


Because it is pore-free and has no joints, SmartCOVER does not require specific maintenance and is therefore quick, easy and convenient to clean.


The R&D department of Graphenano Smart Materials is at the forefront in all manufacturing processes of cementitious coatings with graphene, cooperating with major chemical companies and maintaining a very high level of demand in its raw materials.

SmartCOVER systems

Graphenano Smart Materials has developed six systems for SmartCOVER micromortars with the best technical properties of the market. All cementitious coatings are combined with polymers, fibers, aggregates, resins, pigments and graphene additives, but each has specific characteristics depending on the needs of the type of surface on which they are applied.


grafeno construcción


Micromortar with graphene, ready to use and monocomponent. Specially designed for decorative walls and finishes. Cementitious base with graphene and quartz, with controlled granulometries to provide high resistance with one coat finishes, without stuccoed water, in the French style. High adherence. Excellent workability and hardness thanks to graphene technology.

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ECO System

Monocomponent micromortar powder especially designed for walls, floors, swimming pools and facades. Base and fine with graphene powder. SmartCOVER ECO is available in three sizes of aggregates: Base, Medium and Fine. SmartCOVER ECO is formulated with micronized quartz, graphene and last generation resins that provide excellent workability and hardness.

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HARD System

Ready to use bi-component micromortar, perfect for high traffic floors such as hotels, bars, restaurants, night clubs, cinemas, etc. It guarantees high resistance to wear, abrasion, scratching and stain protection without neglecting the design..

Advantages with graphene

SmartCOVER has the same characteristics and advantages as conventional micromortars in terms of quality and design, plus a series of technical improvements that are only possible thanks to the incorporation of graphene in its composition.


Graphene provides significant properties to the SmartCOVER micromortar and turns it into a product of unprecedented high technical performance in the construction market. Thanks to graphene, SmartCOVER micromortar is more resistant and harder to impact, has bactericidal and waterproof properties, and allows better workability of the material.


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Greater resistance

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Impact hardness

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Bactericidal effect

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Greater durability

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Better workability


SmartCOVER provides finishes aimed at any decorative style, which make original and innovative rooms with modern aesthetics possible, with high-quality surfaces that are totally continuous and seamless.

SmartCOVER can present textures that imitate natural stone, spatial stone, slate, etc. They are waterproof and can be applied to facades and exterior walls with the intention of giving them a rustic appearance. Likewise, SmartCOVER can present smooth and uniform textures, equally waterproof and hygienic, ideal for interiors in which a clean and elegant style is sought. In addition, these finishes can be anti-slip class 1, 2 or 3.

Textures 3D

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Textures 3D

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SmartCOVER’s pigmentation system means that there is a wide variety of solid and homogeneous colors, as well as in matte, gloss or satin finishes.

G01 – White

G02 – Pale white 1

G03 – Pale white 2

G04 – Grey pearl

G05 – Silver

G06 – Grey

G07 – Tin grey

G08 – Stone

G09 – Ivory

G10 – Sand


G11 – Earth

G12 – Bateig stone

G13 – Vanilla

G14 – Clay

G15 – Chocolate

G16 – Wine

G17 – Olive green

G18 – Slate

G19 – Anthracite

G20 – Argila

G21 – Vermilion

G22 – Pale pink

G23 – Hagia

G24 – Bordeaux

G25 – Morago

G26 – Sky blue

G27 – Cobalt blue

G28 – Royal blue

G29 – Blue sapphire

G30 – Greenish

G31 – Crystalline

G32 – Apple

G33 – Hunter green

G34 – Navy

G35 – Lemon yellow

G36 – Ocher

G37 – Mirabelle

G38 – Salmon

G39 – Jinjol

G40 – Orange

G41 – Scarlet

G42 – Sesame

G43 – Ruby red

G44 – Brown

Technical specifications​