Solid Support

Smart Additives


Solid SUPPORT is a range of complementary products for the adjustment and modification of the previous three additives Smart Additives.

support graphene air in

Air-including agent that improves the workability, durability and resistance to icing/ thawing cycles of concretes and mortars.

support graphene set

Chloride-free anti-freeze agent that accelerates the curing and hardening of concretes and mortars.

support graphene set-r

Retardant agent for regulating the start and end times of concrete curing.

support graphene speed

Hydration activating agent for cement to increase the development of the initial and final strengths of concrete and to protect it from corrosion.

support graphene compact

Viscosity modulator agent for self-compacting concrete that improves the consistency, compactness and stability of the mix.